Unlike a traditional crossword Unolingo offers no clues except the letters in the puzzle.   Solving the puzzle requires word knowledge to be sure, but it also requires logic and deductive reasoning, much like Sudoku.   In most puzzles there are some squares that can accommodate just one letter and other squares where a number of letters might seem to fit.   Your task is to narrow down the choices and find the right place for each letter.  As you experience Unolingo here are some helpful strategies that you might find helpful even though they may not apply in all cases:

  • Focus from the start on the placement of the difficult letters like QU, Z, J and X that cannot be placed just anywhere.
  • Avoid placing letters arbitrarily unless you are reasonably certain the placement is correct.
  • Identify squares that require a limited set of alternatives and seek to narrow down the possibilities from your set of choices.
  • Try to solve the longest words so as to increase the number of clues available in related crosswords.
  • Separate squares that most likely require vowels from those that require consonants.
  • Seek to identify patterns that create prefixes such as ‘pre’, ‘pro’, ‘in’ and ‘un’, and suffixes such as ‘ing’, ‘ed’, ‘er’, ‘ly’, ‘able’ and ‘ous’.
  • If you have multiple options choose the most common word.